THE CONSORTIUM TEAM - From showroom to consortium

Our team

A consortium of skills

Specialized in historical interiors, partnering with artisans, committed to our clients.

Our originality: a consortium of skills in our partnerships with different artisans and manufacturers from the arts and crafts and industry.

Our advantage: production capability adaptable to the scale of each client’s projects and the search for innovative solutions.

Côté France : supervision and production

Based in Porto, our project team is responsible for planning, supervising and ensuring production. It works in collaboration with our partner workshops to meet the specifications of each project.


Maison Louis-Marie Vincent : Fine furniture makers

Maison Louis-Marie Vincent are specialized in the complete process of cabinetmaking, marquetry, covering and finishing, and inspired by the classic French decorative arts. It combines exceptional design and materials to produce craftmanship that very few artisans master nowadays.

Their fine furniture, decorative wall panels and custom-made fittings reveal extraordinary and unique expertise.


Chastagner : high-precision mechanics

Specialized in high-precision mechanics, Chastagner has established its reputation in the aeronautics and automobile industries.

Investing their experience in the luxury sector, Chastagner provides our teams with an invaluable contribution in the production of highly crafted decoration.


Wall Heritage : sculpturing rare materials

Marble, porphyry, constructif system – Wall Heritage offers rare materials and exclusive techniques.

Its work masterly combines timeless aesthetics and sense of rhythm, an expertise acquired through countless exceptional projects all around the world.

cotefrance-maison-fontaine-180131a 006

Maison Fontaine : art locksmithery

Devoted to French decorative hardware since 1740, Maison Fontaine offers ten prestigious collections – from the Renaissance style to one they created especially for the Orient Express.

Complementing these collections, its custom-made art locksmithing meets the designer’s required quality and elements for the decoration of doors and windows: ergonomics, style and comfort.

cotefrance-maison-fontaine-180131a 009

Thierry Massant : period seating furniture

Creator of classical seating furniture, Thierry Massant is a special partner, for since 2018 he has been the force behind our subsidiary Côté France Seating by Thierry Massant. The company offers a wide range of seats from its catalog – reproductions of period seating by type, style and era, from Louis XIII to Art Deco – or custom-made as per each client’s requirements.