THE CONSORTIUM TEAM - From showroom to consortium

Our approach

A consistent approach based on teamwork to deliver our clients’ projects

We research and produce luxury interiors, from blueprint planning to on-site assembly, in close cooperation with the client.

We provide our clients with our specialist expertise in design and monitoring as well as our highly skilled craftsmanship in prototyping and production.

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We meet the need for an all-encompassing production service, tailored to each client’s specifications.

For us and our partner workshops, it is the project and the designer who determine the method, organization and relationship between architects, engineers and technicians.


Models and tests are often the key to creative production.

To validate functionality and aesthetics, we have invested in tools and means of prototyping (wood, metal, finishing).

The project team, together with the engineering team, coordinates the work being developed by the partner workshops. This allows for a monitored execution of the prototype, adaptable to any identifiable need.

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Setting up on site

Ensuring millimeter precision on large spaces is a constant rule for us; we work strictly to the requirements of the designer. An example of this was our work with the artist and architect Didier Faustino for the XYZ Lounge, in Ghent (Belgium).



A client case: for the Faena hotel in Miami, we set up a firm dedicated to long-term maintenance and support, Hôtel Maintenance. Bringing in local people, local know-how and having the ability to react immediately enabled us to have an agile team, led by local man George.

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