THE CONSORTIUM TEAM - From showroom to consortium

What we do

Makers of interiors for luxury hotels, businesses and private residences

With extensive experience in French interiors, we master the execution of both classical decorative arts and state-of-the-art design.

We deliver our expertise all around the world in the interiors of both new build and renovation projects. With us, it’s the luxury of the design that sets what is possible.

Managing the production of luxury

Materials, skills, criteria – luxury is above all a set of requirements related to function, culture and use.

Our aim is to manage the production of luxury interiors, spaces and fittings to meet the requirements of our clients – not only the designers and the owners of hotels, businesses or private residences, but also their guests.

Photo : Courtesy William Paley

An open approach : customization

The allocation of our in-house and affiliated resources is based on :

– a project team that manages prototypes (wood, metal, finishing) and production (costing, supervision, control);

– partnerships with workshops that develop and explore the French style, working together within the Consortium.

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